Governance and Structure


HKIBFA Vision and Mission


Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association (HKIBFA) an non-profit and non-governmental organization organization registered in Hong Kong since 2018.


It visions to establish Hong Kong leading position among Asia and the world in blockchain and FinTech industry and market, Through the following missions:


      1. Advocating market regulation and policy,
      2. Future Blockchain, innovative technology professional by education and
      3. Awareness of the disruptive blockchain technology in the mass market for adoption


Currently its serving more than 3,000 technology-investor, banker, government leader and scholar members from Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Belt and Road and the Asia Pacific countries.

HKIBFA – Chairman Group

3. Simon Je

Board Chairman Great Treasure International

Mr. Simon Je

Founder & Chairman
4. Lee George Lam

Chairman Cyberport

Dr. Lee George Lam

Chairman of Supervisory Board
1. Simon Cheung

Managing Director Tian Yuan Finance

Mr. Simon Cheung

Executive Vice Chairman
2. Faith Chu

Chairman & CEO Integrity Financial Power House

Mr. Faith Chu

Executive Vice Chairman
6. Billy So

Mr. Billy So

Vice Chairman and Advisory Committee of Investment
7. Leo Chan

Managing Director Red Solar Capital

Mr. Leo Chan

Vice Chairman
8. Andre Kwok

Mr. Andre Kwok

Vice Chairman & Executive Secretary General
9. Shen Dahai

Advisor China Blockchain Venture Capital Alliance

Dr. Shen Dahai

Executive Vice Chairman
10. Shadow Wu

Managing Director FinLink Partners International

Ms. Shadow Wu

Executive Vice Chairman
11. Harvey Lau

Director Ying Fat Hong (HK) Plastic Material Ltd.

Mr. Harvey Lau

Executive Vice Chairman
12. Henry Yu

Founder Partner L & Y Office

Mr. Henry Yu

General Counsel
13. Phoenix Tong

Managing Director Great Treasure International Inc.

Ms. Phoenix Tong

Executive Vice Chairman
14. Xu Gang

Early Stage Investor UBank

Dr. Xu Gang

Vice Chairman
15. Annie Wu

CEO Zhong Ben Media

Annie Wu

Vice Chairman
17. Frank Yau

Secretary General Hong Kong Huaxia Business Association

Mr. Frank Yau

Vice Chairman
18. Carmen Wong

Director Evermind Marketing and Production

Ms. Carmen Wong

Vice Chairman
19. Apple Chung

Director Evermind Marketing and Production

Ms. Apple Chung

Vice Chairman
20. Edgar Yin

CTO Surplus Value

Mr. Edgar Yin

Vice Chairman
16. Helen Cheng

Director Avantis Global Technology

Ms. Helen Cheng

Vice Chairman
21. Matthew Lun

Hong Kong Association for Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China

Mr. Matthew Lun

Vice Chairman
22. Celia Mok

CEO BIVA Limited

Ms.Chelia Mok

Vice Chairman
5. Ric Wu

Founder SmartUp Incubator

Mr. Ric Wu

Vice Chairman
46. Percy Chan

Managing Director, Goldlark (Hong Kong) Asset Management Company

Mr. Percy Chan

Honorary Chairman & Vice Chairman
23. Zheng Bin

Vice President (Asia Pacific) Wuzhou International

Ms. Zheng Bin

Secretary General

HKIBFA – Honorary and Honorables

25. Stephen Suen

Honorary Chairman Institute of Compliance Officers

Mr. Stephen Suen

Honourable President
26. Sir David Lan

President, International Institute of Management

Sir Dr. David Lan

Honourable President
27. Kennedy Wong

Solicitors & Notaries, Philip K H Wong Kennedy Y H Wong & Co.

Dr. Kennedy Wong JP

Honourable Advisor
28. Eric S. S. Wong

Chairman, Hong Kong Huaxia Business Association

Mr. Erics S. S. Wong

Honourable President
29. Catleigh Hung

Chairlady, Hung Chi Ching Charitable Fund

Dr. Catleigh Hung

Honourable Advisor
36. Lu Wei Hua

Chairman, Belgian World Culture and Art Exchange Centre

Prof. Lu Wei Hua

Honourable Advisor
30. Kuo Hsing Li

Founder, Mei Ah Entertainment Group

Mr. Kuo Hsing Li

Honourable Advisor
32. Ken Huang

Committee of Blockchain China Electronics Society

Dr. Ken Huang

Honourable Advisor
33. Zheng Kaiping

Chairman Shenzhen Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs

Mr. Zheng Kaiping

Honourable Advisor
34. Jay Liang

Founder & Co-Chairman, Hong Kong Blockchain Association

Mr. Jay Liang

Honourable Advisor
35. George So

Chairman, Group of FoShan City Guangdong Macau Hong Kong Bay Area Economic And Trade Association

Dr. George So

Honourable Advisor
49. Allen Yeung

Chairman, Institute of Big Data Governance

Mr. Allen Yeung

Honorable Advisor
45. Frank Blackwood

Secretary General World Blockchain Organization

Mr. Frank Blackwood

Honourable Advisor
37. Albert Yu

Chairman, Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization

Dr. Albert Yu

Honourable Advisor
38. Witman Hung

Principal Liaison Officer, Hong Kong, Shenzhen Qianhai Authority

Prof. Witman Hung

Honourable Advisor
39. Chen Dongmin

Dean, Industry Technology Research Institute of Peking University

Prof. Chen Dongmin

Honourable Advisor
40. Jessie Xue

Founder, One TV

Ms. Jessie Xue

Honourable Advisor
42. Duncan Chiu

General Committee Member Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Mr. Duncan Chiu

Honourable Advisor
Anne Shek

Princess, United Bangsamoro Peoples Tribal Royal Sultanate of Mindanao

Ms. Anne Shek

Honorable Advisor
31. Kenneth Chau

Honorary President, Technology Incubation Network (HKSTP)

Mr. Kenneth Chau

Honorary Advisor
43. Li Jun

Regional President Hong Kong Satellite TV

Ms. Li Jun

Honorary Advisor
44. Cheney Tsoi

Founding President, CEO Hong Kong Blockchain Asset Management Company

Dr. Cheney Tsoi

Honorary Advisor
24. Yeung Yiu-chung

President, Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers

Mr. Yeung Yiu-Chung BBS JP

Honorary Advisor
41. Sydney Ifergan

TCAT Token

Mr. Sidney Ifergan

Honorary Advisor
47. Shen Wang

General Counsel, CEO North America Block-Continent Ltd.

Dr. Shen Wang

Honorary Advisor
Organization Structure of the Executive Board