Cooperation and Collaboration with Wide Range of
Stakeholders for Market and Industry Awareness



A Leap For the Golden Global Hub of Blockchain and Financial Technology and Innovation.


Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association(HKIBFA) is an non-profit and non-governmental organisation registered in Hong Kong since 2018.

It visions to establish Hong Kong leading position among Asia and the world in blockchain and FinTech industry and market, through following missions:


        1. Advocating market regulation and policy,
        2. Talent development for future blockchain, innovation technology professional by education, and
        3. Awareness of the disruptive blockchain technology in the mass market for adoption


The organization supports and promotes technologies as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and so on. Currently it’s serving more than 3,000 blockchain-investor, banker, government leader and scholar members from Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Belt and Road countries in Asia and the Pacific, The US and European countries.